Slab stone board and tile product inspection method

  Process board: divided into process board board and process board finished board, the factory price is calculated in square meters according to the size of the single piece (including the enlarged size).

  Process board

  It is used to make plate coasters and decorative pendants, etc., and the blocks are cut to a certain size by the cutting machine (the amount of magnification is generally about 10mm, and the factory outlets are calculated according to the volume size. The tolerance is generally Between +2 / -2 mm), thickness 4-6mm, 5-7mm;

  Conventional requirements for the board surface: the board body is flat, at least one face and four corners are complete, there is no large area of ​​pyrite bulge and pit, no white gold wire and sand line (layer) causing damage, angle error: rectangle The angle error on the long side of the board is 1°, and the angle error on the wide side is 1°.

  Process board board inspection:

  Packing method inspection:

  Since the process board is required by the buyer for secondary processing, as long as there is no obvious dimensional error and board defects. Mainly how to control and reduce damage. Ways to reduce damage: increase the thin strips between each layer of the board, each board is clamped with thin wood strips.

  Inspection of wooden crates: refer to the requirements for wooden crates.

  2. Process board finished board: board quality, size requirements and reference outlet tile

  Tile board: divided into domestic tile and export tile, the factory price is calculated in square meters according to the single piece size.

  Export tile: The tile for export is used for roof waterproofing, so the penetrating inner and sand layer, platinum wire, and Daxie pyrite are to be selected. Basic quality requirements:

  Plate quality and color difference: the block material must be the fine quality of the stone pier that cuts off the oxidized skin at least 5 cm. The designated slabs of the different mining periods of the tile mining site and the slabs of the stone pier Do not mix.

  Can't have obvious chromatic aberration

  The surface of the board is required to be flat, and there must be no bent plates or rocking boards, and there should be no platinum thread, sand-shading line, water-drawing pattern and penetrating pyrite ore;

  There shall be no internal cracks and penetrating cracks;

  Angle tolerance: four angles of 90°, the angle error on the long side is within 1°, and the angle error on the wide side is within 0.5°;

  Dimensional error: length and width error: +1mm / - 1mm,

  Thickness: 5-7mm:

  Large panels 650x533, 650x350, 650x355, 600x300, 500x250, 500x375, 450x300, 450x250 shall not have slate below 5mm thickness; small panels 400x250, 400x200, 300x200 shall not have a thickness of less than 4.5mm (5-4.5) And cannot exceed 5%;

  Complete corners: 4 corners are required. If there is a corner, the corners should not be larger than the long 20mm x 10mm wide surface. The number of notched tiles should not exceed 5%. (When punching, keep the corners at the end. Small head of slate). If there are two corners and the corners are at one end of the board, try to keep the two corners in the small head and leave the hole in the hole. If the missing corners are at the two ends of the board and the missing angle is greater than 20x10mm, it is a waste product and needs to be picked out.

  Hole position: the large surface is the back surface and the small surface is the front surface. Two holes are drilled from the back side of the slate to the front side. The hole diameter is 4 mm, the distance between the center of the hole and the left and right sides is 30 mm, and the distance from the head is 245 mm. The positive and negative deviation does not exceed 1mm;

  If customers have special requirements, they should conduct random inspection according to special requirements.

  Testing method:

  The length and width of the tape measure can be as large as the thickness, and the average thickness of the caliper is detected.

  2) Angle error test method: When there is no protractor, the method of quickly checking and checking the angle of the tile is to find a flat plate, and the two adjacent tiles are back-to-back sideways and then turned together, and then one of the tiles is turned over. If the adjustment is coincident, even if the angle is 90°, if the reverse corners are not coincident, the cutter operator should be notified to check the angle of the saw blade and whether the gravel surface on the cutting machine needs to be cleaned, and notify the inspection. The machine operator checks the angle of the angle iron of the edger and the angle of the cutter head and whether the edge of the edger is worn to ensure that the angle of the tile is 90° or 89°, or to minimize the error.

  Thickness sampling: Take 5-7mm thickness as an example: the average thickness should not be less than 5mm thickness. If some boards are thick and thin at one end, the thickness of the thin part should be measured to be more than 5mm. The average thickness shall not exceed 7mm. For a thick and thin board, the thickness of the thickest part shall not exceed 7mm;

  Flatness of the board surface: It can be visually measured, the board body is flat, there is no large area of ​​pyrite bulge and pits, and there is no platinum line and sand line (layer) which causes damage. For the board with special requirements for the customer, as long as the sales price is appropriate, it should be boxed after the board screening and size sampling immediately after the splitting according to the customer's requirements.

  5) Packing method check: Since the export tile is purchased by the buyer without secondary processing and is used for laying the roof, the packing method should be around how to control and reduce the damage. Ways to reduce damage: increase the thin strips between each layer of the board, each board is clamped with thin wood strips.

  Packing quality inspection: please refer to the quality requirements of exporting wooden crates

  Domestic tile

  The factory price is calculated in square meters according to the single piece size. The conventional size requirements refer to the export tile, but the stone quality requirements and the package can be reduced by one grade.

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